Virtual Training Member

The most amazing thing is that the problem I was having with my left arm since last January has finally gone away, and I am now regaining strength and flexibility. The problem was in the upper left arm on the outside, something in the outer middle that was excruciatingly painful every time I put on a jacket or reached out beside or behind me. So glad that is done and continuing to make progress!

PT Client

I absolutely love your style of training! Always motivating and challenging: I incorporate the stretches every day and I honestly have seen great improvement in my flexibility which has really helped my golf game!


I love coming to Boot Camp because it gives me Personal Training in a group atmosphere at an amazing price! After 4 surgeries I didn’t think I would be able to run again, but Coach Jeff cares and has listened and modified my workouts so I can be successful. Now I can workout 4 days a week. It’s a great program – YOU get out of it what YOU put into it!

Matt & Wendy

Coach Jeff cares deeply about us and what he is doing. He makes it so FUN!


Boot Camp gives me a better quality-of-life and an increased range of motion. I like keeping my body moving!


I love the varied work and the push to do things I wouldn’t do on my own.


There is no chance of getting bored at Boot Camp.

Ann Marie

Boot Camp helps reduce my stress – I look forward to every class!


Coach Jeff makes the workout fit my ability. He is amazing!