Where can I find information on the prices and locations?

See below to learn more about the different Boot Camp products we offer.

Where and how can I register for a Boot Camp Session?

Registration should be done prior to the beginning of a Boot Camp Session. The start and stop dates of each Boot Camp Session throughout the year can be found here. You can register for a Boot Camp program by purchasing one of the products listed below.

Are there any contract terms or conditions for signing up for a Boot Camp?

Yes. Important terms and conditions apply to registering for any of the Boot Camp programs. They can be reviewed by reading our waiver here.

What happens after I register? Am I notified in any way?

Yes. After you complete the online registration, you should receive an email receipt confirming your registration. Additionally, you will receive a follow-up email directly from the Drill Instructor at your site to confirm your enrollment, their contact information and to give you details concerning specifics related to your Boot Camp site.

I am a current Boot Camp participant and I need to alter something about my enrollment and/or account and contact information. How do I do that?

Please go to the CLIENT LOGIN page and select the appropriate option.

I just started the Boot Camp program, and I just feel as if the program isn't quite for me. What can I do?

If you are canceling your enrollment inside your first Boot Camp Session, you may cancel and receive an unconditional, 100% money back refund. It’s all part of our Satisfaction Guarantee.

I love Boot Camp and have a friend who wants to join me in all the fun! Is there an incentive for me to get them to join my Boot Camp Team?

Absolutely! Our Buddy Referral Program is a great way for you to get a discount (or even free of charge!) and have your friend join you!

What is the Boot Camp Community Funds Slots Initiative all about?

Aside from our amazing program, one of the things that separates us from any other gym, Boot Camp, or fitness company out there is our commitment to helping others. Our Community Funds Slots are one of the many ways we work hard to help others beyond just the reach of fitness and health.

What are the Financial Needs Slots all about?

We are not a company driven by money. Instead, our goal is to help every single person that comes to ask us for help! Our Financial Needs Slots are available to those who are undergoing a difficult financial time in their life.