Rhys Franck

Student at George Mason University: History Major; Parks, Recreation & Leisure Minor; Outdoor Adventures Certificate
8 years experience as a Cross Country and Track & Field coach.
USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification as of 2009

Middle distance running, Long distance running, and Trail running.

Training Philosophy:
“Coach Driven, Athlete Centered.” Without the athlete, any program is useless. It is the coach’s job to train the whole athlete: physically, mentally, and spiritually. When all these elements come together, the athlete will perform and train at their best. Each athlete is different. They have different fitness levels, goals, capabilities, motivations, and backgrounds. It falls on the coach to address each one individually and help cater the program to each participant. It falls on the athlete to communicate to the coach what they want, why they chose their goals, and to give an honest effort towards achieving those goals. A dedicated athlete and a caring coach can make amazing things happen.

Personal Fitness Goals/Accomplishments:
“All state in Cross Country and 4×800 relay; 800m PR: 2:03; 1 Mile PR: 4:35, 5K PR: 16:35. Current goals are to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, break 50 seconds in the 400m, and break 4 minutes in the mile.”